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TO TRAVEL IS TO TAKE JOURNEY INTO YOURSELF(DANNY KAYE)-One of the reasons people travel is the discovery that is because a trip can help us to know about the world around and also discover ourselves and come back home rejuvenated and excited about life. I like going through photographs of our trips and I do that quite often, which brings a smile on my face.One fine day,I was sitting with my husband sipping coffee and discussing what we should avoid during the next holiday that we take and I thought why not share my experiences and blog was the only way. I am Deeksha Girdhar ,a Dentist ,running my practice in New Delhi.I have two kids and we always travel with our kids even when they were six months old. Travelling with kids is very different from a solo trip or travel as a couple. There is no better way to teach kids about the world but to see them first hand.

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